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Royal Dental Supply

116 NE 183rd Terrace Miami, FL 33179

Toll: 1-800-289-8180

Tell: 305-651-6677

Fax: 305-651-4466

3M Vitrebond™ Light Cure Glass Ionomer Liner/Base
Cleaning Instrument Brass Brushes - 2 Set
Dental Slowspeed Pen Lubricant
Hedstrom File Stainless steel
Scotchbond™ Universal Adhensive
----Accessories---- CALL FOR PRICING!!!
10pcs Dental Disposable High Speed Handpiece with 4-Hole Quick Coupler/Connector
12 Blade Finishing & Trimming Burs
3.5X Binocular Loupes 420mm
3M - Z100 20 Compules
3M Adper™ Prompt™ L-Pop™ Self-Etch Adhesive Refill 100/box
3M Cavit G. Espe 28 g Jar
3M ESPE Filtek Z250 Capsules
3M Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative Syringes
3M Filtek™ Z250 Syringe 4gm Syringe
3M Impregum F. Espe Double Pack
3M Impregum Penta "Soft" Medium
3M Impregum Penta Medium
3M Ketac Cement. Espe America
3M Rely X Luting Cement
3M RelyX Luting 2 cement
3M Scotchbond Multipurpose Primer or Adhesive 8ml Bottle
3M Single Bond - Adhesive refill 6ml Bottle
3M Z100 Restorative 4gm Syringe
45 Degree High Speed Hand-piece
5oz Cups
Advanced Tooth Whitening System / 1 Pen
AH Plus. Dentsply
Air Scaler Handpiece
Alginate Impression Material - Kromatica
AloeTouch-Latex Gloves-Powder Free- 100/Box
Amalgam Carriers House Brand Stainless Steel
Angulated Bracket Remover Orthodontic Plier
Apex Locator Root 600
Aquasil Cartridge System -Dentsply 4 cartridge-12 Tips
ART-L3 LED Cordless Curing Light
ART-P6 Piezoelectric
Articulating Paper
Articulating Paper Holder
Articulating Paper Horseshoe Red & Blue
Articulating Paper Red & Blue
Aspirating Syringe **BUY 10 GET 2 FREE**
Aurelia Refresh Latex Glove, Powder Free
Barbed Broaches Stainless Steel 6/Box
Barrier Film 1,200 Sheets per Box - 4 x 6
Bausch Articulating Papers 300/ Strips
Beautifil Flow Plus F03 Shofu
Bib Clips - All Colors
Bibs - Box 500 All Colors
Bite Registration 2 Cartridges with 6 Mixing Tips - Fast Set
Bite Registration Trays
Bite Wings Tabs 500/Box
Bleaching System with an Adjustable Arm for Dental Chair
Blue-Lex LD 105 / LED Curing Lights
Boley Gauge Ea.
Bonart Electric Scaler
Bouffant Caps - 100/Box 21"
Bracket Composite Cristal Clear Roth 0.22 20Pcs/pack
Bracket Forcep Anterior
Bracket Forcep Posterior
Bracket roth metal Tecnident
Brackets Standard Roth 022 20Pcs/pack
Bridgeaid Dental Floss Threaders - 1000/box
Brush Teeth Bags----Pack of 250
Brush Tips & Handles
Brush-N-Floss Study Model and Oversized Toothbrush
Bur Block Magnetic Round
Bur Cleaner Brush
Bur Holder 60 Holes
Bur Holder FG Clear 24 Hole
C&B Prompt™ Temporary Crown & Bridge Material
C-Fold Towels Kimberly -Clark Professional
Cabide Burs FG Midwest Type - 100 Bulk Pack
Carbide Burs FG High Speed Midwest Type - Single Bur
Carbide Burs FG Midwest Type - Surgical - Single Bur
Carbide Burs Latch- R/A
Carbide Laboratory Burs
Carbide Laboratory Burs
Cavex Temporary Cement
Cavi Cide 1/gallon by Metrex
Cavi Wipes 160/Tub - Metrex
Cavit G Temporary Filling Material Refill, 1 - 28g Jar - 3M
Cavitron Tips ***BUY 12 GET 3 FREE***
Cement Spatula
Cements & Liners
Cephalometric Film 100/Box 8x10 Green
Cephalometric Film Duplicating 100/Box 8x10
Ceramic Bearing Red Fit NSK Kavo
Ceramic Bracket Roth .022 3/3 12/pcs per Pkg
Ceramic Bracket Roth .022 5/5 20/pcs per Pkg
Chromic CatGut 12/Box
Cleaning Instrument Brass Stailness - 2 Set
Clearfil S3 Bond Plus
Clearfil SE Bond
Closed Spring with Eyelets 10 per pkg
Coin Envelope 500/Box
ColorTouch® Pink latex gloves from Microflex Powder Free
Compule Dispensing Gun
Cone Mask 50/Box
Confiderm Aloe Latex Examination Gloves
ConFirm® 24 In-Office Mail-In Biological Monitoring System 12/Box
Contra Angle
Contra Angle 30,000 RPM
Cool Mint Listerine Mouthwash, One-Gallon Pump Bottle 2/Case
Core build-Up Restorative
Corning Wax Base Plate Wax 5Lbs
Corning Wax Bite Blocks 100 per box
Corning Wax Utility Strips
Cosmetic & Bonding
Cotton Pliers "BUY 10 GET 2 FREE"
Cotton Roll 2,000/Case
Cotton Tip Applicators 3" or 6"
Crown & Bridge Scissors
Crown Removers House Brand Stainless Steel
Crystal Tips Mix Color Bag/250
CSR Wraps 100/bag
Cup Dispenser
DenFil™ Etchant-37 12 Syringes 3 ml w/ 75 tips
Denstone/ Modern Materials / Heraeus Gypsums Type-III 50 lb
Denstone/ Modern Materials / Heraeus Gypsums Type-III. 25 lb
Dental Extracting Forceps
Dental Floss - 200 Yard Mint Waxed
Dental Floss 144/box - Bubble Gum
Dental Lab Coats 10/bag
Dental Lab Jackets
Dental LED Wireless Light Curing Unit Cordless
Dental Neddles
Dental Needles Sterilized - Plastic Hub 100/Box
Dental Protective Glasses Antifog Protective Glasses
Dental Protective Goggle Glasses For Curing Light Teeth Whitening Lamp
Dental Slow Low Speed Handpiece Straight Contra Angle Air Motor E-Type 4-H
Dental Teeth Whitening Bleaching machine
Dental Tray Rack
Dental turbine cartridge head torque push button
Dental Wireless Cordless LED Lamp With Light Meter Curing Light
Dental X-Ray Film Kids Size #0 100/box
Dental X-Ray Film Size #2 150/Box
Dental X-Ray Film Size #2 150/Box F-Speed
Dentsply TPH 3 Compules 20/Box
Dentsply TPH 3 Syringe
Denture Boxes 12/Box Assorted Colors
Diamond Cut Laboratory Carbide Burs
Diamond Cut Laboratory Carbide Burs
Disposable Airwater Syringe Tips 250pcs
Disposable Brushes Applicators 144/Box
Disposable Canisters 8/box
Disposable Impression Trays
Disposable Scalpels With Handles 10/Box
Disposable Traps & Strainers
Disposable Traps & Strainers 144/box
Distal End Cutter Hold & Cut Hard and Soft Wire
Divided Compartment Trays
Dri-Aid Reflectors Silver Lining 250/bag
Durelon™ Carboxylate Luting Cement 3M
Dycal (Dentsply Caulk)
Ear loop with Eye Shield 25/Box
Ear-Loop Mask 50/Box***Buy 18 Get 2 Free***
Elastic Separators 1000/Pk
Electric Micro Motor 35,000 RPM
Elevators House Brand Stainless Steel
Elite HD+ Putty Soft Normal Set Zhermack
Endo Freeze Spray - "BUY 3 GET 1 FREE"
Endo Irrigation Kit Tip & 3cc Syringes 100/BOX
Endo Ring Kit
Endo Ring Kit by Jordco Inc
Endo-Ice 6oz Can
Enhance Composite Polishing System - Dentsply
Enhance Finishing - Cups, Discs and Points - Dentsply Caulk
Etch-Tips 100/Box
Etchant Gel 12gm
Etchant Gel 3ml
Evacuation System Cleaner
Evacuator Tips 100/Bag
Explorers "BUY 10 GET 2 FREE"
Express STD Putty (3M ESPE)
Face Shield with 10 Replacement Shields
Facial Tissue 100/box 30/case
Fiber Post
Film Holder
Film Mount
Filtek P60 Posterior Restorative/ 3M™ ESPE
Finger Cots - Box/ 144
Finishing Stones for Composite - FG 12/Box White
Flexibowls - Green
Flow Dental X-Ray DV-58 Single Film Packets 150/Box
Flow Dental X-Ray DV-58 Single Film Packets 600/Box
Flowable Composites 4 Syringes 20 Tips
Fluoride Gel Trays 100/Bag
Forceps American Pattern, CHILDREN
Forceps American Pattern, Stainless Steel
Forceps English Pattern, Stainless Steel
Front Surface Mirrors 12/box
Full Chair Sleeves/ 29'' 80'' 125 pcs
Fusion Temp Temporary Crown and Bridge Material
Fynal Crown & Bridge Cement
G-Bond - GC America 5ml Bottle
G-ćnial™ Bond
Garbage Bag Clear 200/Roll
Gates Drills Stainless Steel 6/Box
Gauze 2 x 2 - 8ply Cotton Filled 5,000/Case
Gauze 2 x 2 - 8ply Non-Woven 5,000/Case
Gauze 4 x 4 - Non-Woven 2,000/Case
GC America GC Fuji PLUS®
GC America Fuji IX Capsule 50/box
GC Fuji I Lutting & Lining Cement Glass Ionomer - Powder & Liquid
GC Fuji ORTHO LC Introductory Package
GC FUJI PLUS 50 Capsule
GC Fuji Plus Capsule 50/box - Yellow
GC FujiCEM™ Automix Glass Ionomer Luting Cement
GC FujiCEM™ Automix Glass Ionomer Luting Cement
Gelflex Alginate Regular Set
Genie Impression Material 2 cartridge and 6 Tips.
GlasIonomer FX-II Capsule Brochure - Shofu
Glass Dappen Dishes
Glasses. Curing light protective glasses.
Gracey "BUY 10 GET 2 FREE"
Gutta Percha Points 120/Box Color coded
Half Chair Sleeve
Handpiece E-Generator LED Light included 4holes
Handpiece Lubricant
Head Magnifier with Interchangeable lenses
Headrest Covers-Disposable Clear Plastic-250/Box
HEINE HR Binocular Loupe w/I-View Heine USA Ltd
Herculite Microhybrid Dental Composite
Herculite Précis 4g Syringe "BUY 10 GET 2 FREE"
High Performance Tips 48/Bag
High-Speed Handpiece
Impression Material Gun
Impression Material Vonflex Heavy Body 2 cart 50ml w/ 6 Tips
Impression Materials
Infection Control
Instant Cold Pack Compress 24/Case
Instrument Identification Tape-N-Tell
Instrument Silicone Color Code Rings 80 pcs/box
Integrity Temporary crown & Bridge Material
Inter-oral Camera - PC (USB) Connection Zoom 5x Digital
Intra oral Mixing Tips Bag / 100
Intraoral Camera
Intraoral Camera 6-LED Solarcam
IRM Dentsply Caulk Powder & Liquid
Irrigating NeedleTips 23G OR 27G 100/Box
Irrigation Syring with Curved Tip for Easy Access 50/Box
Irrigation Syringe 3cc 100/Box
Isolation Gowns 50/Case Knit Cuff - Tie Back
Jarabak Orthodontic Pliers Ea
Jeltrate® Alginate Impression Material - Regular Set 1lb Bag
Jet Torch
Joyfil Flowable
K-Files Stainless Steel
Kerr Herculite XRV™ 5g Syringe
Ketac-Silver Aplicap Standard Pk 50/Box 3M ESPE
Kleenex Tissues Facial 100/box 36boxes/case
Kodak DF-54 Poly-Soft 100/Box Size # 0
Kodak DF-56 Size # 1 100/Box
Kodak DF-57 Poly-Soft 130/Box Size # 2
Kodak DF-58 Poly-Soft 150/Box Size #2
Kodak Duplicating Film 5x12 50/Box
Kodak IP-21 Poly-Soft 150/ Box Size #2
Kodak IP22 Insight Periapical Double Film #2 Pack of 130
Kodak Panoramic Film TMG 5x12 50/Box
Kodak Panoramic TMG 15 x 30 50/Box
Lab Trays
Labial Archwires 0.28 2 1/8" 12/Pkg
Laboratory Carbide Burs
Laboratory Products
LabStone Buff Yellow Type-III 50Lb
Latex Glove-High Quality-Powder free 100/Box
Latex Gloves-High Quality-Lighly Powder. 100/Box
Lathe Carbide Burs
Lathe Carbide Burs
LED Cordless Curing Light
LED Headlight
LED Lights
LED Whitening Bleaching Light Lamp
LED-B / LED Curing Lights
LED-C Curing Light WoodPecker
Lever Handle - Small & Large
Light Cure Orthodontic Adhesive System Kit.
Lime-Lite Cavity Liner Syringe Kit
Lingual retainer Direct bonding 2/Pcs
Lip Retractor 2/box
LOOK Suture Plain Gut 12/Box
Luxatemp Automix Plus
Mathieu Forcep-Stainless Steel 51/2
Mathieu Pliers Needle Holder
Mathieu Tie Pliers Delicate Tip Ea
Matrix Retainers
Matrix-Band Tofflemire 12/bag
Maxcem Elite Self-Etch Self-Adhesive Resin Cement from Kerr
Mesh Bur and Diamond Holder
Metal Brackets Mini Root 0.022'' 3,4,5, w/hooks
Metrex MetriCide 28 / 1 gallon
Micro Applicators 100/Pack **BUY 10 GET 2 FREE**
Micromotor LYNX - Low Speed Handpiece
Miracle Mix - GC America
Mixing Pad 3x3
Mixing Wells 200/Box
Model Trimmer/ Handler Mfg 10" 1/4HP
Modules On Mini Sticks 0.12 / 500 Pkgs
Modules On Sticks .120 1008/Pkgs
Modules On Sticks .120 Assorted Color 1008/Pkgs
Monoject Endodontic Irrigating Syringes Covidien
Monoject Needle 401 Metal hud
Monoject Needles 400 Plastic hud
Mouth Prop
Mouth Props Set Small, Medium, Large 3/Pkg
Multi-Fold Hand Towels 4,000/Case
NITI Open and Closed Distalized Spring 0.010*180mm 1/Pcs
Niti Open Coil Springs 2 per pkg
Nitrile Exam Gloves- SensiCare- Powder free- 100/Box
Nitrile Examination Gloves Powder Free - Soft
NSK Low Speed Handpiece 3 pcs Set (EX203C)
Occlude Aerosol Powder
One Step Bonding Orthodontic Adhesive System Kit
One Step Orthodontic Adhesive Kit
opdop face shield
Optibon Solo Plus - 5ml Bottle
Optibon Solo Plus Unidose 100/Box
Oral Choice Adult Toothbrushes--- All Colors Available
Oral Choice Children Toothbrushes --- All Colors Available
Ortho Stone White Type-III 50 Lb
OrthoClassic .022 Roth Full Set – Hooks on 3s, 4s, and 5s
Orthodontic Adhesive Bonding System Light Cure
Orthodontic Kit
Orthodontic Light Cure Band Cement 2 Syringe
Orthodontic Products
Orthodontics Brackets Mini MBT 022 20Pcs/pack
Panoramic Duplicating X-Ray Film 5x12 100/Box House Brand Great Value
Panoramic X-Ray Film 15x30 100/Box House Brand Great Value
Panoramic X-Ray Film 5x12 100/Box House Brand Great Value
Paper Point Sterilized 200/Box
Parkell Temporary Crown & Bridge Material
Pedo dental Chair
Pedo Dental Chairs
Peeso Reamers 32mm Stainless Steel 6/Box
Penta Mixing Tips - 3M Espe Red - 50/Bag
Pit & Fissure Sealant 4 Syringes 9g Etchant Gel 20 Tips
Plaster Knifes
Plaster Spatulas
Plastic Mirror Disposable 48/Bag
Pliers - Orthodontic & Laboratory
Point 4 Syringe Kerr
Point 4 Unidose Kerr
Polycarbonate Temporary Crowns
Polycarbonate Temporary Crowns
Portable Dental Unit
Power Led S Curing Light
Premise Unidose 20/Box
Pressure Indicator 2 1/4oz
Prime & Bond NT. Dentsply Caulk 2 Bottle
Prophy Angle Soft or Firm - 500/Box
Prophy Angles Soft or Firm 100/Bag
Prophy Cups 144/box
Push Button Handpiece
Pushbutton High-Speed Handpiece
Quick Ring Separators Blue 10/Pk
Radii Plus LED Cordless Light/ SDI
RC Prep. Premier 18g Gar
RelyX Unicem
Relyx Unicem Aplicap 50 Capsules
Retainer Boxes for Ortho Assorted Colors 12/Box
Revolution Formula 2 Flowable Composite - Kerr 4-Pack
Root ZX II Low Speed Handpiece Module
Root ZX II Low Speed Handpiece Module + Apex Locator J.Morita
Root ZX II – Apex Locator / J.Morita
ROTARY FILES ---- NITI Available all sizes taper 0.04
Royal Bond 7th Generation
Royal Temporary Crown & Bridge Material
Royal X-Cem --- Resin lutting cement
Rubber Dam - Latex
Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps --- Lightweight & Smooth
Rubber Dam Punches ---- Lightweight & Ainsworth
Safe Tips EZ 1,600/Bag
Safe Tips EZ 125/Bag
Saliva Ejector 100/Bag
Saliva Ejectors Screen 25/Bag
Sani Tex Plus 160 /Tub
Sani Tips -Clear Bulk Bag / 1,500
Scalemaster LYNX™
Scissors-Forceps-Hemostatic -Halsted Mosquito- Kelly "BUY 10 GET 2 FREE"
Seal-Tight Disposable Air/Water Tips 1500/Bx
Sealpex. Kerr
Sensor Holder
Sensor Sleeves-500/Box #2 (Size: 1.6" x 8")
Sensor Sleevs 500/Box
Set Up Tray
Set Up Tray Plain
Sharp Container 14qt
Sharps Container 3.3 Qt
Sharps Container 8 Qt
Shoe Covers 100/Box - Blue
Slim Weingart Orthodontic Plier
Sof-Lex 3M 1981-1982 3/8 - 85/Bag
Solo Evacuation Cups 250/Box
Spherodon-M 50-Pk amalgam/alloy - Silmet
SS White Burs
Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Explorer **BUY 15 GET 2 FREE**
Stainless Steel Hollow Probe **BUY 15 GET 2 FREE**
Sterilization Integrator Class 5 100/bag
Sterilization Pouches 2 3/4 X 9 - 200/Box
Sterilization Pouches 200/Box See-Through With Built-In Indicator Available All Sizes
Sterilization Pouches 3 1/2 X 10 - 200/Box
Sterilization Pouches 3 1/2 X 5 1/2 - 200/Box
Sterilizer Indicator Tape 60 Yards 3/8
Structure Metal Bracket System Roth 0.22 Pkg
Super Thin LED X-Ray Viewer
Surgical Blades - Carbon Steel 100/box
Surgical High Speed Handpiece Push Button 2 or 4 Holes
Surgical Sutures Gut Plain - 12 Pack
Surgical Tips Bag/25
Sutures Silk -12 Pack
Syringe Sleeves 500/Box
T-Style Sleeves 500/Box
TC Pin & Ligature Soft Wire Cutter Ea
Teeth Whitening Gel Kit " Professional Dental Use "
Temp Bond Unidose - KERR
Temp Bond. Kerr
Temporary Crown & Bridge Material
Temporary Crown Kit 180/box
ThermaKnife™ Thermal Tray Trimming Knife Buffalo Dental
Three Way Syringe - Autoclavable - Metal
Tongue Depressor 500/Box
Tooth Whitening System
Tooth Whitening System. 4 Syringe 1.5g. 22%
Tray Adhesive for Alginate & VPS - 1 oz Bottle
Tray Adhesive Spray by Bosworth
Tray Cover Paper 1000/Box
Tray Sleeves
Triangle Foam Re-fill 50/Box
Triangle Foam White Re-fill 48/Box
Trimming and Finishing Carbide Burs
Triple Syringe Air & Water
Tubli Seal. Kerr
Ultrasonic Enzymatic Mint Tablet 64/Box
Ultrasonic Enzymatic Tablet 64/Box
Ultrasonic Pizeo Scaler DTE D5
Vinyl Examination Gloves-RoyaGuard- Powder Free- 100/Box
Vinyl Examination Powder Free Gloves 100/Box
Vitrebond™ Plus 3M ESPE
Vonflex Light Impression Material 2 cart 50ml Fast Set
Vonflex S™ Bite 2 cart 50 ml Fast Set w/ 6 tips
VPS Impression Material - 2 Cartridges & 6 mixing tips
VPS Putty Base & Catalyst 300ml each
VPS Putty Base & Catalyst 300ml each Fast Set
Whitening System / 2 Syringes Kit 3ml each 16%
Whitening System / 2 Syringes Kit 3ml each 22%
Whitening System / 2 Syringes Kit 3ml each 30%
Whitening System / 5 Syringes Kit 3ml each 16%
Whitening System / 5 Syringes Kit 3ml each 22%
Whitening System / 5 Syringes Kit 3ml each 30%
Wood Wedges 100/Bag
Wood Wedges 500/bag
X-Ray Apron Hanger
X-Ray Aprons - Adult
X-Ray Aprons With Collar
X-Ray Envelopes 100/box **BUY 18 GET 2 FREE**
X-Ray Film Hangar Stainless Steel
X-Ray Positioning Kit
X-Ray Products
X-Ray Sleeves 15"x 26" 250/box
X-Ray Viewing Box